EU-ROP Newsletter - 10th edition - April 2024

600th patient

As the first months of 2024 have passed, the EU-ROP project has grown further. With the joined work of the EU-ROP team from all over Europe, we were able to raise the number of entered patients in the registry from 500 patients in December 2023 to 600 patients in April 2024.

A big Thank you to everyone contributing to this project and congratulations to Yanitsa Kondova from the University Hospital Saint George in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for entering the 600th patient!

New country in the registry

A new center from Malaga, Spain began entering patients this month and therefore entered the first patient from Spain in the EU-ROP registry. There are now 12 countries entering patients in the EU-ROP project: Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine.

And there are more to come! We are currently in contact with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Romania, who will hopefully be able to enter data soon. We are excited for the development of the EU-ROP registry in the next months of 2024.


EU-ROP research meeting

An important date in 2024 will be the third EU-ROP research meeting on April 15th at 7pm (Central European Summer Time).

If you are part of the EU-ROP project, please mark this date in your calendar!

The meeting details will be sent via e-mail. 

We would like to thank you all for your interest in the project and your ongoing support!


Best wishes,

Andreas Stahl, Johanna Pfeil & Sophie Schnorr

European registry on retinopathy of prematurity


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Stahl, FEBO
University Medical Center Greifswald
Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Johanna Pfeil
University Medical Center Greifswald
Department of Ophthalmology

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