EU-ROP Newsletter - 6th edition - July 2023

And just like that - we have already reached the second half of 2023.

We hope that you are doing well and are enjoying the warm and sunny months! Before you all leave for your well-deserved vacations, we want to give you a short update about the newest developments in the EU-ROP project:

ARVO conference

On April 27th, Johanna Pfeil presented the poster “Prevalence of ROP severities in a multinational cohort of infants treated for ROP – data from the European ROP Registry (EU-ROP)” at the ARVO conference in New Orleans. Many potential new centers have approached her and the interest in the project was incredible. 

Johanna’s ARVO presentation was the first analysis from the EU-ROP registry ever presented and included 203 infants (393 eyes) from 8 different European countries. The data showed that most of the infants treated in these 8 countries have zone II, stage 3 ROP with plus disease (170 eyes) at the time of initial treatment. Also interesting is the percentage of A-ROP in our patient population: With a total of 42 eyes (10,7%) A-ROP was the third most frequent ROP severity in the EU-ROP registry. Below is Johanna’s ARVO poster for your reference.

First “EU-ROP research meeting”

On June 1st, we held our first EU-ROP research meeting. During this (online) meeting we presented our current data along with different ideas to further expand and develop the registry. For example, we discussed data, that we have just now submitted to Acta Ophthalmologica. The submitted paper analyzes if it is possible to combine data from the German registry with data from the EU-ROP registry for joint analyzes. Summarized briefly, it is possible with some adjustments and when accepting that the full potential of the EU-ROP registry cannot be used in such a combined use of data (the EU-ROP data set has a much higher granularity compared to the German ROP registry).

We were very impressed by the attendance of 29 people from different countries and centers across Europe. As we plan to host such “EU-ROP research meetings” on a regular basis from now on, we hope that even more centers and countries can participate and exchange their ideas and visions for the EU-ROP project with us.

300th patient entered

Already some time ago, on May 10thDr. Özlem Yucel from the Ondokuz Mayis University in Turkey entered the 300th patient into the EU-ROP database! Through the amazing effort from all participating centers, we went from 200 patients to 300 patients in just a few months. We hope to continue this velocity in patient recruitment and data entry!

Status update

As of today 39 centers from 10 countries all over Europe have entered 319 patients into the EU-ROP database. 21 more centers have obtained their positive ethics vote and can now start to contribute data to the project. In addition, 21 centers from 16 countries (from which 9 countries are not represented in the registry yet) are interested in taking part in the EU-ROP project and are in close contact with us to develop their path for participation. We are very happy to see the EU-ROP project continuing to grow and evolve. 

A big “Thank you” to everyone involved in this project! Without you, this project would not be possible.

Andreas Stahl & Johanna Pfeil

European registry on retinopathy of prematurity


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Stahl, FEBO
University Medical Center Greifswald
Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Johanna Pfeil
University Medical Center Greifswald
Department of Ophthalmology

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