1st Edition – December 2021

This is the first edition of the EU-ROP newsletter – and do not worry, we will not spam you monthly with updates from the project. But we would like to use this tool to give regular updates on important developments from time to time.

And as the year is drawing to a close, this is a good opportunity to look back on what has happened this year with regard to the EU ROP project.

Please find some information below that we hope you will find interesting.

But first and foremost, we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and thank you for your interest in the EU-ROP project.

Andreas Stahl & Johanna Pfeil

An introductory round: A close look at the EU-ROP study management team

Professor Andreas Stahl is the principal investigator of the EU-ROP project and Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Medical Center Greifswald, Germany. Since his early career he has pursued his scientific and clinical interest in ROP. He initiated and led the prospective, multicenter, randomized controlled CARE-ROP trial as well as the German Retina.net ROP registry. Prof. Stahl co-authored the German ROP Screening and Treatment Guidelines in 2020 and the ICROP 3 classification in 2021.

Dr. Johanna Pfeil is the study coordinator of the EU-ROP registry. During her PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, she co-developed and worked with Professor Stahl on the CARE-ROP trial and the German Retina.net ROP registry. From 2017 to 2020 she was Head of Scientific Affairs at the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) and was involved in several international projects on preterm birth. Johanna Pfeil is lead and co-author of numerous publications on ROP both from a clinical as well as basic science perspective.

Getting up and running: First center outside Germany obtains Ethics approval for EU-ROP registry

A big milestone in the EU-ROP project has been achieved by obtaining Ethics approval for the EU-ROP registry in Paris, France at the end of November 2021. The “Hopital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild” in Paris was one of the first that agreed to participate in the project and within a very short period of time the patient documents were revised and all other documents necessary for Ethics submission were compiled. Congratulations to the team around Georges Caputo and Amelie Yavchitz for this achievement!

Where are we now? Current status of the registry

After obtaining a positive Ethics vote in Germany for the European expansion of the former German ROP registry in August this year, we started an information campaign looking for motivated participants in the EU-ROP project all across Europe. And it worked out fantastic. Only six months later, we are in contact with more than 50 centers from 14 countries preparing their participation in the EU ROP registry. The patient documents were already translated into 13 languages and are finalized in 4 of them. Ethics Committee submission was achieved in three countries and in two countries a positive Ethics vote has already been received.

The map below shows which countries are currently active in different stages of the EU-ROP registry.


Dark green: countries with positive Ethics vote in at least one center; Light green: countries with at least one center in preparation for Ethics submission; light blue: preparations to exchange data between the existing SWEDROP registry and EU-ROP

What else is new? Prof. Stahl recognized as world expert in ROP by expertscape.com

We thought long about whether to include this in the Newsletter, but we thought we might as well do. Andreas Stahl, the principal investigator of the EU-ROP registry study, was ranked in the top 0.1% of scholars writing about ROP by expertscape.com. If you look up the list, you will find some other EU-ROP participants very high up on the list. We are very happy and honored to work with so many internationally recognized ROP experts in this project.



Every new building needs a solid foundation: Our supporting organizations

After the roll-out of our information campaign several parent organizations as well as Neonatal and Ophthalmological societies agreed to officially support the EU-ROP project! We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your trust in the work we do and for your support in spreading the project around Europe.

Your organization is not yet listed on our website? Please get in touch with us via contact@eu-rop.org


European registry on retinopathy of prematurity


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Stahl, FEBO
University Medical Center Greifswald
Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Johanna Pfeil
University Medical Center Greifswald
Department of Ophthalmology

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